Research Playwrights, Librettists, Composers and Lyricists, See more monologues from In any case, it contains the very popular “Jailer’s daughter” monologue that is seen very frequently in audition. Emilia presents a cynical view of marriage, in which one bad deed inspires another. Two Shades Away. Emilia speaks with Desdemona about the nature of women’s affections READ MORE - PRO MEMBERS ONLY Join the StageAgent community to learn more about this monologue from Othello and unlock other amazing theatre resources! Stand up alongside her and be counted. You can browse and/or search so you can find a monologue whether you know which one you want, or you're looking for monologue ideas. In Shakespeare’s play, Othello, the character Emilia is essential in exploring the theme of gender and the expectations placed on women.The anonymous writer of, “From Counsel to the Husband: To the Wife Instruction” believes the answer to maintaining a happy marriage is for both men and women to know and respect the role God has given them (279). The plot centers around the two arguably-noble kinsmen (go figure), Palamon and Arcite, who are both trying to win the affection (and hand) of Emilia. As Emilia states in her final emotionally-charged, incredibly empowering monologue that has everyone jumping to their feet: “If they try to burn you, may your fire be stronger than theirs so you can burn the whole f*cking house down.” Emilia at first appears to be one of her husband Iago’s puppets. Created: Jan 22, 2014. That's what I com ter tell yer. A monologue from the play by Oscar Wilde MABEL CHILTERN: Well, Tommy has proposed to me again. Serial Dater -Comedic Monologue, Female Excerpt: " My father was a wonderful man who waited on me hand and foot when I was a child. What a brow,Of what a spacious Majesty, he carries!PalamonIs but his foyle, to him a meere dull shadow:Hee’s swarth and meagre, of an eye as heavyAs if he had lost his mother; a still temper,No stirring in him, no alacrity,Of all this sprightly sharpenes not a smile;Yet these that we count errours may become him:Narcissus was a sad Boy, but a heavenly:—Oh who can finde the bent of womans fancy?I am a Foole, Palamon; thou art alone,And only beutifull,  Arcite,Thou art a changling to him, a meere Gipsey,And this the noble Bodie. Emilia monologue from Chakespeare's "Othello". 3 Monologues lesson plan 3. Emilia and her sisters reach out to us across the centuries with passion, fury, laughter and song. You can take a look at the whole piece on Project Gutenberg if you like, but this is the closest I’ve been able to a cut that is balanced and to the point while (mostly) maintaining some semblance of metre. But Podeswa said that Clarke had no hesitation whatsoever when asked if she could do it in Valyrian. Here’s a much rarer piece that I sometimes use. Aske me now, sweet Sister;—I may goe looke. About this resource. This is "Emilia-Monologue" by Jessica Panora on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Create. The play explores human development, the values that are consistent as Emilia grows and the way that society and events impacts on her needing to grow up … Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! Emilia is getting Desdemona ready for bed and the two are discussing whether they could ever cheat on their husbands. awake! Emilia is concerned. Are you looking for monologues for your audition or acting class? Coffee Table. Melanie sits in her room in the psycho ward facility, talking with Andrew about the possibility of hurting Nurse Stein, but all isn’t exactly as it seems in this one-act play. Emilia then d… 3 Monologues lesson plan 3. Each monologue entry includes the character's name, the first line of … Though it should be noted that Emilia seems to think that men always cheat first, while the men suspect the women will cheat first. William Shakespeare, Emilia, an abbess in Epheus, is protecting the Syracusan twins within. Tommy really does nothing but propose to me. A play inspired by a feminist Tudor poet is coming to the West End. Find a monologue that fits you and your experiences. Emilia Analysis . Listen to them. Monologue from the play Lacey's Last Chance. "Beauty and Perfection" - Short Monologue with a good range of emotion from vain to vulnerable in 60 seconds - Female (1 minute) "Piggy Princess" Monologue from a play - Female (1-2 minutes) "Sob Story" Monologue from a play - Female (1-2 minutes) "Mess Things Up" Monologue from a play - Female (2+ minutes) "First Words" Monologue from a play - Female (45 seconds to 1 minute) Times are finally changing. Upgrade to PRO It’s up to you. From the beginning of the play, she is portrayed as innocent and virtuous in every way. This time, the focus will be on this exceptional woman who managed to outlive all the men the history books tethered her to. EMILIA: I’m exhausted, I’ve had this cold for three months Mom and it’s not going away!I need to go to the hospital tonight, if I don’t go to the hospital, I feel like something bad is going to happen! New York, NY, Twelve Angry Men In this serio-comedy teen monologue Heavy Cough, EMILIA is trying to convince her Mother how sick she has been feeling lately. He proposed to me last night in the music-room, when I was quite unprotected, as there was an elaborate trio going on. Her play Belongings was produced at the Hampstead Theatre and Trafalgar Studios in 2011 and was shortlisted for The Charles Wintour Most Promising Playwright Award. Who was Emilia Bassano? Good heaven,What a sweet face has Arcite! In food, in sport and life-preserving rest. My favorite play is Cymbeline. This resource is designed for UK teachers. Report a problem. Desdemona loves Othello right to the very end and tries throughout the play to win his favour back. Join the StageAgent community Instead I found Frank. Design by Simon Fletcher. Drunk Storytime: Drink-Along-Comedy - Online. Morgan Lloyd Malcolm is a playwright and screenwriter. I niver... Sleep on! Cheshire, CT, Pericles Once again, Desdemona's displays her incredible virtue and faithfulness, which in his jealousy Othello can no longer see. Jonathan Bate March 2 2019 The Times. He insults her callously, sneers at Emilia and leaves. Show all files. And thereof came it that the man was mad. 2.00pm. We are all Emilia. Shakespeare scholar Harold Bloom points out that of all the people in the play, Emilia is the only one that Iago underestimates—and she's the … Buy the Emilia Playtext in our shop. Throughout most of the play, Iago has the upper hand in his interactions with his wife. Iago comes in, feigning concern, and tries to console Desdemona while Emilia rails against whatever villain convinced Othello his wife was false. In … title or author). Emilia at the Vaudeville Theatre, London preview. The scene in which this monologue appears is a touching and tender interaction between the two women, Desdemona and Emilia. Choose a monologue that is suitable for the role you want. Powered by Tumblr. I am sotted,Vtterly lost: My Virgins faith has fled me;For if my brother but even now had ask’d meWhether I lov’d, I had run mad for Arcite;Now, if my Sister, More for Palamon.Stand both together: Now, come aske me, Brother.—Alas, I know not! This monologue springs from a tense scene between Othello and Desdemona. Read Monologue from Play . Usually, it takes “a lot of preparation” to translate a scene into another language, especially since Clarke had to perform a huge monologue. Joanna Vanderham as Desdemona and Ayesha Dharker as Emilia in Iqbal Khan's 2015 production of Othello with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Emilia Clarke ad-libbed an entire Game of Thrones monologue in the fictional language of Valyrian during a pivotal Season 5 scene. Eileen Atkins speaks Emilia’s lines from Othello, act IV scene 3. Poisons more deadly than a mad dog's tooth. And therefore comes it that his head is light. if wise natureWere here a mortall woman, and had in herThe coy denialls of yong Maydes, yet doubtles,She would run mad for this man: what an eye,Of what a fyry sparkle, and quick sweetnes,Has this yong Prince! What a meere child is Fancie,That, having two faire gawdes of equall sweetnesse,Cannot distinguish, but must crie for both. Not fast enough. Emilia: A new play by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ... Emilia is portrayed as a feminist hero for both then and now, and the final, powerful monologue, delivered impressively by Clare Perkins, is one that led to several members of the audience whooping and cheering along. This monologue, from Act 4, Scene 2 is one of those moments. The best contemporary monologues from Chekhov, Ibsen, and other notable playwrights. She, indecisive to the end, is unsure of who to choose; in this monologue, she endeavours to figure it out. Making it easier to find monologues since 1997. Was she really the Dark Lady of Shakespeare’s sonnets? William Shakespeare The Comedy of Errors Act 5 sc.1 ll.69-87. By Brian Gallagher For … Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Philadelphia, PA, Accessibility Statement Terms Privacy |StageAgent © 2020. A complete database of Shakespeare's Monologues. What has just happened? Let them inspire and unite us. Pick a comedic monologue! Mother used to jokingly call him “the slave.” When I grew up, I expected to find a husband as loving and selfless as my father. Jonathan Bate separates the facts from the fiction. 2 Monologue lesson plan 2. docx, 34 KB. If you’re in your 40’s, don’t choose a monologue for a young ingenue. Desdemona, our ‘pure’ heroine is aghast and protests that she never could do such a thing. 3 actors play Emilia, one for her childhood and youth, one for her as a young adult, one for her as an older woman. (I finally have enough of a [small] tech break to post monologues!). I usually just post cuts in italics, but this monologue is so long and such a disaster that I’ve just posted the cut as I usually perform it. When Iago wants to set up the appearance of inappropriate behavior between Cassio and Desdemona, he decides that “my wife must move for Cassio to her mistress” (2.3.) Here you can search monologues from movies, plays, television and books according to gender, source material, type (dramatic, comic, serio-comic), main action/emotions explored, period, genre or specific keywords (e.g. Pick a monologue that is age-appropriate. In this play, two of the three women, specifically Desdemona and Emilia, die in the final scene, and the third, Bianca, is accused of conspiracy. and shortly thereafter Emilia facilitates a meeting between Desdemona and Cassio, and encourages her mistress to advocate on behalf of Cassio. Find a character or situation that you can relate too. She is the first to suggest that somebody is telling Othello untruths about Desdemona; “The Moor’s abused by some most villainous knave./Some base, notorious knave” (Act 4 Scene 2, Line 143-5). Commissioned specifically for Shakespeare’s Globe, and performed with an all-female cast, Morgan Lloyd-Malcolm's acclaimed play reveals the life of Emilia: poet, mother and feminist. Are you auditioning for a comedy? Two Noble Kinsmen was a collaboration between Shakespeare and John Fletcher, and pretty much no one thinks it’s a good play. But the final scene is payback time for Emilia. This was followed in 2015 by another hit play at Hampstead Theatre, The Wasp, which also transferred to Trafalgar Studios.Other stage work includes commissions for the Old … Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Desdemona remembers a maid in her parents’ house who died of love, and sings a sad song that the maid had. Jersey Boys to learn more about this monologue from The Comedy of Errors and unlock other amazing theatre resources! 1 Monologues lesson plan 1. docx, 32 KB. Thou say'st his meat was sauced with thy upbraidings: Thou say'st his sports were hinderd by thy brawls: Of pale distemperatures and foes to life? to learn more about this monologue from The Comedy of Errors and unlock other amazing theatre resources! (Emilia lets out a heavy cough) 2 Monologue lesson plan 2. docx, 34 KB. Read More: The one item Emilia Clarke wanted to steal from 'Game Of Thrones' set. The plot centers around the two arguably-noble kinsmen (go figure), Palamon and Arcite, who are both trying to win the affection (and hand) of Emilia. I didn't dare to make the smallest repartee, I need hardly tell you. Emilia, an abbess in Epheus, is protecting the Syracusan twins within READ MORE - PRO MEMBERS ONLY Join the StageAgent community to learn more about this monologue from The Comedy of Errors and unlock other amazing theatre resources!